Redefining Homework Delivery in India

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Redefining Homework Delivery

For All Stakeholders

Fliplearn Edge HTS is a transformative homework e-space for learning institutions to assign, monitor, and evaluate homework with the power of data, automation & analytics. The system has been revolutionized with advanced automated functions and easy operations to give teachers and students a comprehensive learning experience. Fliplearn Edge HTS not only enables teachers to assign homework, correct homework, grade homework, and improve students' performance, but also gives students access to world-class curated content that helps them in the completion of their homework. It diminishes the workload of manual tasks on the teachers and empowers them to maintain their class homework efficiently. Furthermore, parents can also view their children's assignments and can keep track of their performance.

Empower Your School With A Transformative

Online Homework Management System

  • Fully Secure Online Homework Management
  • Analytics to Indicate Students & Class-wise Performance
  • Auto-generated Performance Report Sharing with Parents
  • Improved students’ academic performance
  • Better learning outcomes for students

Give Your Teachers the Edge of

Seamless Homework Delivery

Teachers can assign homework and assignments to students in just one click. Curated with world-class Fliplearn content with automated grading, corrections & plagiarism checks, it also helps teachers to identify academic strengths & weaknesses of the student.

  • 100% Secure Cloud Space to Host all Homework & Assignments online
  • Click-easy Homework Creation with Customizable Templates
  • Access to World-class Digital Content for all Classes
  • Automated Grading, Corrections & Plagiarism Checks
  • Performance Dashboards to Measure Performance
  • Analytics for each Student, Subject-wise
  • Automated Reports for Parents & School Administration

Help Your Students Get The

Most Automated Homework Assistance

Students can seamlessly keep track of their homework and assignments.It helps them to organize and manage their homework uploaded by the teacher in one place.

Parents Can Monitor Their

Child’s Academic Progress

Fliplearn Edge HTS enables teachers to give parents as much access to their child’s learning as they choose. Teachers can allow online homework tasks to be shared with parents, giving them opportunities to engage with their child’s learning at home.

  • Assign Homework and Assignments all Online
  • Access to World-class Digital Content for all Classes
  • Automated Reports for Parents
  • Monitor your Child’s Progress
  • Better Academic Performance